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A good gym needs good climbs.

Route Setting

Each week, our route setters are tasked with building 16-18 brand new boulders. These boulders are set with the intent of challenging climbers across all levels of experience & ability.

Theres no right way to 'set a boulder', however, our creative team of route setters follow a few guidelines, as well as adding a bit of personal flair to their creations.

The end of goal of good route setting is to create something engaging that makes you stop and think. Whether thats forcing a specific move for you to try, creating a complex physical puzzle that takes weeks to solve, or forming an artpiece made out of bits of plastic and plywood; these are all created by our team with the intent of evoking an emotive & physical response from you, the climber. 

One core component of our sets at Dynomite is the objective to promote improvement to those who climb them. Every boulder at Dynomite is set with a a lesson to learn in mind. Whether its learning the basics, problem solving, building confidence, learning new techniques or how to route read; theres something for everyone at Dynomite.

Climbing Sets

A good gym needs psyched climbers.

We know climbers come in all shapes and sizes, and likewise our setting team keeps that in mind when creating climbs for everyone.​ 


Our setters go to great to lengths to ensure that everyone has boulders for them. Through 8 different grades and a range of different styles, theres 85+ boulders in gym at any one time, giving all climbers new or old, countless boulders to send and project. 

Is is important to keep in mind however that whilst the majority of problems are set for all proportions, not every boulder is set for every climber. A shorter climber may have trouble reaching holds on reachy dyno set for taller climbers. In the same sense, a taller climber may struggle on a bunchy slab set for shorter climbers. 

Nonetheless, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try! 


Some of the most creative beta and improvement comes out of trying boulders that aren't particularly suited to your strengths, so drop it to Dynomite and give it a go.

Our Team

Alice Khun
Paul Rattenbury
Tamsyn Harrison
Rebecca Kuper
Zeb Critchley
Jayda Tisma
Bronte Young
Talon Cass-Dunbar


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