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What is Bouldering?

A quick run down.

Bouldering is an incredibly fun and rewarding sport.


It is rock climbing stripped to it's bare essentials, removing all the ropes and gear of traditional rock climbing, leaving just you, some climbing shoes & chalk, and a 'boulder problem' to climb.


These climbs are called boulder problems, as bouldering is just as much as about using your brain to figure out how to solve the problem, as it is about trying hard to get to the top of the wall.


Through using balance, technique, and strength, theres an array of different styles of climbing for you to try. The moves can vary from balancey and technical, to powerful and dynamic.

At Dynomite, each boulder problem is marked by colour coded holds and follows an intended sequence set by our experienced setting team.

The problems are graded incrementally, with levels to suit everyone from complete beginners through to experts.


​The highest point of our walls are 4.5 metres high, so if you fall, climbing specific crashmats will cushion your fall.


Bouldering is an inclusive and social sport. All you need is a willingness to try, and we will supply everything else!

What is Bouldering?

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