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The Illawarra's Indoor Bouldering Gym


Come and have fun and get fit with us at Dynomite, whether you are a beginner or experienced climber we have a range of fun climbs ready for you to try.

Our gym has been architecturally designed and built by leading European company ‘Walltopia’ to provide state of the art walls to enhance your climbing experience. We aim to create an exciting and welcoming environment for all climbers - those new to the sport and those looking for a new challenge or great workout.

Opening Hours

Monday: 12:00PM - 9:00PM

Tuesday: 09:00AM - 9:00PM

Wednesday:  09:00AM - 9:00PM

Thursday: 09:00AM - 9:00PM

Friday: 12:00PM - 9:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM 

Sunday: 9:000 AM - 6:00PM 

Please note: Public holidays 10:00AM - 6:00PM



Dynomite  re-opening under a CovidSafe framework.



We will have a limit on facility numbers. At this stage bookings are not necessary, but that may change depending upon demand. If the facility is full (at 35 persons) you may be asked to wait until someone leaves.

  • Regularly sanitize hands (on entry, in between boulders, after using bathrooms and upon leaving).

  • Observe signage and floor markings around the facility which will guide spacing requirements.

  • Only liquid chalk is permitted (we will have some for sale).

  • Please bring only one small bag and place in the designated area.

  • Climbing shoes only to be worn on mats/walls and not to be worn around general floor area (use runners/slip-ons); strictly no bare feet anywhere in the facility.

  • Its Ok to socialise just remember to maintain 1.5m social distancing!

  • All persons must check-in AND check-out at the reception area.

  • All persons have to sign a new updated waiver form. It can be pre-filled online here.

  • Memberships will resume as of 13/06 unless otherwise requested. Additional period has been applied to all prepaid memberships.



Luke Magill

From: Wollongong

Years climbing: over 20+ years
Fav climbing area: South Central, Nowra
Fav Climb/Boulder: Dungeon Master, South Central, Nowra
What I like about bouldering: 'When you put it all together and the movement just flows...'
Advice for new climbers: 'Don't get hung up on grades, enjoy the process, focus on technique and footwork and moving efficiently.'

Matthew Hoschke

Years climbing: 20 years
Favourite climbing area: It's a big area but I would say the American South West (Utah, Red Rocks, Hueco, Bishop). Otherwise the Grampians. Locally my favourite is Nowra. 
Favourite climb/Boulder: The Wheel of Life (RIP)
What you like about bouldering: The movement and how it feels to climb. I also like boulders with visual appeal and a natural sequence. But the tactile and technical aspects are more important to me. 
Advice you have for new climbers: Enjoy the process. Climbing is so diverse, there is always more to learn. Not every session has to be about performance, it is also valuable and fun to experiment with new beta or practice the basics.

Jayden Shepherd

Years climbing: 6 years
Fav climbing area: Rocklands, South Africa
Fav Climb: Turbo Guns

Fav Style: Crimpy static climbing

Advice for new climbers:

Have fun, climb as much as possible and enjoy the process!

George Broadfoot

From: Wollongong

Years climbing: 15+ Years

Fav. area: Grampians, VIC

Fav. climb: I want to be a pumper, V9

Fav. climbing style: Steep & technical

Nicholas Montague

From: Sydney

Years climbing: 3 Years

Fav. area: Frontline, Baulkham Hills

Fav. climb: Klockwork Orange, V11

What i like about bouldering: The relationship between problem solving and really having to push yourself physically. These two aspects become very apparent whilst projecting a climb, which makes the send that much sweeter.

Advice for new climb: Don't get  caught up trying to replicate someone else's beta to send a problem. Figuring out your own sequence and style of climbing is an essential part of climbing experience.

Kai Buckman

Years climbing: 3 years
Fav climbing area: Rats Crage
Fav Climb: Renegades of punk
What I like about bouldering:

The standout to me is the improvement you can see when putting in the effort to get better.
Advice for new climbers:

The gyms a great place to meet other climbers which is a great way to get into the outdoor scene or just learn how different people approach improving at the sport.

Sean Thorogood

From: Wingello

Years climbing: 4 Years

Fav. area: NBR, Canberra

Fav. climb: Tufa Line, V8

Fav. climbing style: Compression & coordination

Serayah Steele

Years climbing: 1 year
Fav climbing area: Nowra
Fav Climb: Vanderholics
What I like about bouldering:

'I like working on technical climbs and enjoy the problem solving process.'
Advice for new climbers:

'Just have fun and don't compare yourself to other climbers, focus on your own goals.'


Bouldering is an incredibly fun sport! 

It is rock climbing stripped to its bare essentials using no ropes or confusing gear.


Your challenge is to climb to the top of each boulder 'problem' using balance, technique, strength and your brain! 

Each problem is marked by colour coded holds and follows a sequence set by our experienced team. The problems are graded for difficulty, with levels to suit everyone from complete beginners through to experts. The moves can vary from balancy and technical, through to powerful and dynamic.

Bouldering is an incredibly fun sport! 

It is rock climbing stripped to its bare essentials using no ropes or confusing gear.

The climbs are low enough to the ground so the climbers can be protected by soft gymnastic matting. 


Bouldering is an inclusive and social sport. All you need is a willingness to try, and we can supply everything else! People find bouldering to be a great physical and mental challenge.



(02) 42287943




Unit 2, 91 - 95 Montague St, North Wollongong, NSW 2500


Parking is available on site and on the street.

Public Transport:

By bus; take the Wollongong free shuttle bus to either North Wollongong train station or UOW Innovation campus. Buses run on a loop every 10-20 minutes weekdays (08am-10pm) and every 20 minutes weekends (08am-06pm)


By train; Nearest train station are Fairy Meadow and North Wollongong just 5 minutes walk from both train station via Ajax Avenue and Montague street.